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Who is Robert Durst?

On February 2015, HBO began airing "The Jinx," a documentary series about a man named Robert Durst. At first, "The Jinx" appeared to be a fairly basic true-crime documentary about three grisly murders that remain unsolved to this very day. However, the true focus of the documentary was not the murders themselves, but rather the person who allegedly committed the murders: a frail old man by the name of Robert Durst, who happens to be the heir of one of New York's richest and most powerful families. Over the course of the series, multiple interviews with Durst are conducted. Although he maintains his innocence during the interviews, each episode ends by providing the viewer with a brief glimpse into Durst's twisted, diabolical psyche. In the show's final interview, Durst essentially incriminates himself, having an onscreen breakdown in which he nearly vomits and cries when the filmmaker, Andrew Jarecki, presents him with undeniable evidence that places him in the scene of one of his alleged murders. After the interview, Durst, who had no idea his microphone was still recording, goes to the bathroom and begins frantically talking to himself, saying things like "That's it, you're caught." and "What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course." After the series aired, Durst was arrested on charges of murder, and is currently awaiting trial.

Almost a year later, after "The Jinx" intrigued and creeped out viewers across the globe, two friends, who had been obsessed with the documentary since the very beginning, began recording songs inspired by Robert Durst's bizarre story. After a few months of recording, these two friends decided to compile the songs they had wrote and release a split LP, simply entitled: "durst." Just as "The Jinx" brought the story of Robert Durst to the small screen, "durst." brings the story directly into your eardrums; with ten songs that contain the same twists as turns as the story that inspired them.


released February 20, 2016

This album is free for streaming/download, and is also available on soundcloud:

Tracks 1, 3, 6, 8, and 10: Andy Dooley
Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7, and 9: A Slow Descent




Andy Dooley Tempe, Arizona

My name is Andy Dooley and I'm from Phoenix, Arizona. Currently a junior at ASU. I'm 20 years old and the system I use to edit music on is Logic Pro. I mainly use a Komplete Kontrol S49 with Komplete 8 but also an arsenal of different other tiny silly machines are used to create wacky sounds for your entertainment. I make music for everybody, so enjoy! ... more

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